jericho covered bridgePhotography in the Historic Jerusalem Mill Village

Click to download the Maryland Park Service Commercial Photography Permit. There is no longer a fee.

Photographers with a State Park Photography Permit are welcome to use Jerusalem Mill Village for Portrait and Special Event photography during normal Park hours. The Friends of Jerusalem Mill charge fees for commercial production photography (movies, television shows, commercials) and requests a donation for special event photography (family portraits, weddings, graduation). These fees are used to restore and maintain the Historic Village and to ensure its beauty for the future. Please be considerate of our visitors and volunteers in the living history venues of the Miller House, Blacksmith Shop, Tenant House, Mill Museum and General Store Museum during or regularly scheduled living history program, public events and special functions. See our Events Page

Special Event Photography (family portraits, weddings, graduation) Suggested Donation:

$25 per family for non-members

Photography of nature and buildings:

– Please consider sharing your photos at:

By coming to Jerusalem Mill Village for photographs without making reservations through the through the Friends of Jerusalem Mill, you will not be able to guarantee access to any particular area, guarantee uninterrupted access or prevent the public from sharing the use of an area with you.

If you would like to reserve an area in the Village to ensure that you have access for you and your clients, please email the Friends of Jerusalem Mill at Reservations for photography can be made one Month in advance for the following areas:

Meadow next to Blacksmith Shop

Island between the Mill Building and the Little Gunpowder Falls River

Area around Miller’s House

Area around the Dairy Barn (Bank Barn) stone structure

The reservation fee is now $75 per hour. You will have exclusive rights to that area for the reserved time and be able to setup props or backdrops. The Friends of Jerusalem Mill will ensure that no other party reserves that area during your time. It is your responsibility to place “Area Reserved from (Day and Time range)” signs at the typical entrances to these areas and remove them after your session. Reserved signs may be placed as early as 8 am the day of your reservation.

Additional information to ensure you photography session is safe and successful:

Please respect signs that indicate an area is reserved for another group by staying out of that area.

No Special Event/portrait photography are allowed during FOJM Posted Events.

Please do not block entrances/doorways/egresses while buildings or areas are open or occupied. This is a safety hazard and will not be taken lightly.

If you have scheduled clients overlapping with other activities, consider remaining in the Hay fields. Feel free to email us to check the schedule for private events and area reservations.

Props of any kind must be set up and taken down before leaving the area. Unsupervised materials may be removed without notice by Park or FOJM staff.

Please do not leave logs or other items in the hay fields as our tractor and hayer costs Thousands of dollars to fix when these items are accidently run over!

Videography must be approved and fees may apply for Commercial uses (Movie, Books, Television, Commercials). Email or contact the Gunpowder Falls State Park Directly at 410.592.2897

Drones or any other form of UAV are not permitted.

All photographers will be responsible for any damages or injuries related to use of the Village. The Photographer scheduling the photography sessions will be responsible for damages to walkways, structures, plants, amenities and any personal injuries that may occur. Photographers will be bound by all State Park rules and regulations.

The Friends of Jerusalem Mill reserves the right to exclude any groups or individuals deemed to be inimical, detrimental or a risk to the Jerusalem Mill property or interests. Groups or individuals shall be given equal opportunity regardless of race, creed, color, sex, religion or national origin.

Automotive traffic through the Village is significantly heavier than it used to be – please be mindful of the traffic and use the crosswalks to cross Jerusalem Road. Do not walk along the road to the inside of the fence-lines.

The Percy Lee Dairy Farm Foundation just invested over $150,000 to stabilize the stone barn walls on Jericho Road, AND WE HAVE NOW OPENED THE STRUCTURE FOR PUBLIC ACCESS. We know that the stone barn is an excellent backdrop for photographs, so our volunteers worked tirelessly to open this unique venue to the public. Please stay out of the equipment storage area next to the building. Additionally, PLEASE do not climb on the walls!

Prior to 2012:


Any questions, comments on the photography permit policy itself should be directed to HQ, GFSP, 410.592.2897.