Our Story
In 1985 a handful of concerned local residents formed The Friends of Jerusalem Mill (FOJM) as a 501(c)(3) volunteer organization to save the Village’s historic structures and keep alive the heritage and traditions that form our common bonds and our deepest roots. Now, amid the pristine scenery of the Gunpowder Falls State Park, the Village bustles with activity as a history destination.

Our Vision
The Friends of Jerusalem Mill envision a society that values the role that history plays in our understanding of the human experience and one which is committed to both preserving and exploring the past as a means to forge a better future.

Our Mission
The Mission of the Friends of Jerusalem Mill is to inspire its immediate community and the public at large to engage in their shares history through the exploration and preservation of the history of Jerusalem Mill Village and the surrounding Little Gunpowder Falls Valley, from its prehistoric origins to 1961. It achieves this by working in cooperation with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to preserve, protect, restore, research, collect and interpret the Village’s historical, cultural, environmental, and natural resources, while providing creative educational opportunities for all ages.

Information on the Historic Jerusalem Mill Village

Check out more of our Historic Preservation Projects.

Visit the link below to view a fascinating program by the Harford Cable Network featuring the Grist Mills of Harford County. Jerusalem Mill Village is highlighted for the first 10 minutes of the program. The song sung in the introduction is the “Jerusalem Mill Song”. I’m sure you will recognize the tune.
https://hcn.viebit.com/player. php?hash=m3KYd3T8ohip

A link to the Harford County Public TV/Cable taping of “The Real Story of the Teddy Bear” event on 3 Dec 2016 from noon to 4. The show is now airing and here’s the VOD link to share with your organizations at: https://hcn.viebit.com/#L3VF7B moKCyL
A historic village drone video can be enjoyed at: https://vimeo.com/241209004
In addition, a few photos (15 total) of Historic Jerusalem Mill and the surrounding area while recording video have been placed on Dropbox for you to view at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pz9 nz8c4fmm1fm9/AADkpNXNi2I-CAe2q _y_bVX1a?dl=0

Our Members
Along with an impressive array of programs and events designed to engage the community in our shared history, FOJM offers unlimited opportunities for individuals, families, businesses, and other non-profits to help sustain the Village into the near and distant future by becoming members. Our membership application includes varying levels of support, along with the opportunity to volunteer. Each spring we hold a Membership Dinner to celebrate the new year to come. Also, we offer discount admissions to concerts and events in the Village. Recently, we have started to offer opportunities to our members to participate in Member Only living history events (such as our Tavern Nights) and we allow members to reserve the property for private events.

Membership is a key to maintaining the Village and our living history programs. Please consider joining today! Download our form at the link below or send us an email.


To receive a membership application or to inquire about volunteering, e-mail us at jerusalemmill@yahoo.com.